How does your business need to fax

How does your business need to fax?

Versatility in fax server software allows integration into any network environment and phone line connection type. Below are examples of commonly used topologies to help integrate into your business.

Traditional Fax Server Deployment

Traditional fax deployments tie desktop faxing from the workstation to the network and then to the fax server. The fax server contains analog or PRI modems that connect directly to the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN).

Fax Server Deployment with a PBX

Customers utilizing a PBX have analog or PRI lines from the PSTN, into the PBX, and then out of the PBX and into the HylaFAX Enterprise server via analog or PRI fax boards. Having calls route through the PBX allows call security and accounting procedures in place for your telecommunication needs.

Fax over IP (FoIP) HylaFAX Enterprise Deployment

Companies benefiting from a VoIP infrastructure or looking to introduce Fax Over IP to reduced costs and increase productivity use HylaFAX Enterprise’s boardless solution to send and received faxes over the network or internet. Faxes are carried from the fax server, through the network to either a IP PBX, IP T.38 enabled gateway, or over the internet to a T.38 service provider. Learn how your company can benefit from FoIP!